Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to create t-code from SQVI query?

How to create t-code from SQVI query?

If you have created a query report from sqvi t-code, you can generate a new t-code for that report, so you can share it to other users (since sqvi query cannot be accessed by other users). You can do it as follow steps:

Select your query on the SQVI screen and accessing the menu: "QuickView - Additional functions - Generate program"
Display the program name by accessing menu: "QuickView - Additional functions - Display report name". Copy that program name.
Open t-code: SE93. Input your new t-code name (begin with "Z" letter) in the "transaction code" field.
Click "Create" button.
Input the new t-code description and choose "program and selection screen (report transaction). Press "enter".
Paste the program name of your sqvi query into the "program" field.
Click "save" to create your new t-code that execute your sqvi query.
You can give the authorization for the new t-code to any users.

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