Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Steps to transport a Configuration Request

1) You carry out config. changes in "Tata Group" client , (say100) in DEV server.

2) When you save, system prompts a Transport request dialogue, which is generally, saved by input of a description that identifies the Kind of Config carried out. User name appears by default with the Config request description when saved.

3) This is required to be tested in (Unit) Test Client say 120, by Client Copy of the Request using Tcode - SCC1.

4) On successful test results, we need to release the request (Tcode = SE01 or SE10). Here Collapse the request line once. Then click on Sub-task and press Transport button.. Then, Click on Main task and again press Transport button System gives success message.

5) Subsequently the BASIS Guy can transport the request to QUALITY and PRODUCTION Clients