Saturday, May 28, 2011

LF Delivery without Sales Order !!

STRANGE BEHAVIOR IN SAP : From sdn forum :

Ideally if Delivery document type is with sales order requirement system should not allow to created delivry without sales order BUT there is one possibility to manipulate this check.
You can check following scenario yourself in Ides or test system

Create one sales order using VA01
Create delivery with reference to sales order before saving delete all items from delivery and enter same items again. and save the delivery.

Now go to VL02n and check the document flow of that delivery. you will find sales order reference missing.

It looks like delivery type LF is created without reference to sales order.
And if you check the document flow of sales order it show no reference delivery is created.

Actually once you delete items form delivery all the references also gets deleted and then you can enter not only same material but can enter any material, any quantity and you can do PGI and billing also, system will not stop you anywhere but you can not find the reference sales order.

This behaviour is strange and I am also trying to find the solution to restrict item deletion from delivery doc.

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