Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Important Tables : SAP SD


KNA1 General Data
KNB1 Customer Master–CCode Data (payment method, recon. acct)
KNB4 Customer Payment History
KNB5 Customer Master – Dunning info
KNBK Customer Master Bank Data
KNKA Customer Master Credit Mgmt.
KNKK Customer Master CCA Data (credit limits)
KNVV Sales Area Data (terms, order probability)
KNVI Customer Master Tax Indicator
KNVP Customer master partner Function
KNVD Output type
KNVS Customer Master Ship Data
KLPA Customer/Vendor Link
V_THIT Customer Hierarchy Types
KNVH Customer Hierarchies
KNVK Customer master Contact partner

Sales Documents

VBUK Header Status and Administrative Data
VBAK Sales Document – General Header Data
VBKA Sales Activities
VBKD Sales Document - Business Header/Item Data
VBPA Sales Document - Partners Header Data
VBUP Item Status
VBPA Sales Document – Partner Item Data
VBAP Sales Document – General Item Data
FPLA sales Document – Items Conditions data
VBFA Document Flow
VBEP Sales Document Schedule Line
VBBE Sales Requirements: Individual Records
VEDA Sales Contract Data
VBELN Sales and Distribution Document Number

SD Delivery

LIPS Delivery Document item data, includes refer. PO
LIKP Delivery Document Header data
Billing Document
VBRK Billing Document Header
VBRP Billing Document Item
Pricing Document
KONP Conditions Item
KONV Condition for Transaction Data
Handling Unit
VEKP Shipping Unit Header
VEPO Shipping Unit Item


VTTK Shipment Header
VTTP Shipment Item
TVRO Routes
TVTK Shipment Types
VTRLK Delivery in shipment: Header

Sales Documents Copy Control Tables

TVAK Sales Document Types
TVCPA Sales Documents: Copying Control
T184 Sales Documents: Item Category Determination
TVASP Sales Documents: Blocking Reasons
TVCPF Billing: Copying Control
TVCPL Deliveries: Copying Control

Sales Documents Item Categories Copy Control Tables

TVAPT Sales document item categories: Texts
TVCPA Sales Documents: Copying Control
TVCPF Billing: Copying Control
TVCPL Deliveries: Copying Control
TVEPZ Sales Document: Schedule Line Category Determination
TVLP Deliveries: Item Categories
TVPT Sales documents: Item categories

Sales Documents Schedule Line Categories Copy Control Tables

TVCPA Sales Documents: Copying Control

Billing Documents Copy Control Tables

TVCPF Billing: Copying Control
TVFSP Billing: Blocking Reasons

Delivery Documents Copy Control Tables

T184L Sales Documents: Item Category Determination
TVCPF Billing: Copying Control
TVCPL Deliveries: Copying Control
TVLSP Delivery Blocks

SD Links to FI tables

KNVP Customer Master Partner Functions
KNVV Customer Master Sales Data
KNVD Customer master record sales request form
KNA1 General Data in Customer Master
KNB1 Customer Master (Company Code)
KNB5 Customer master (dunning data)

SD Links to MM tables

MARC Plant data for material
MVKE Sales data for material
MBEW Material Valuation
MARD Storage Location data for Material
T179 Materials: product hierarchy
MLAN Tax classification for material
MAKT material description
MARA General material data
MARM Units of measure of material
MTART – Material Types

SAP SD Structures

VBDKA - Document Header View for Inquiry, Quotation, Order
VBDPA - Document Item View for Inquiries, Quotation, Order
KOMK Communication Header for pricing
KOMP Communication Item for pricing